Stevedoring & Bulk Cargo Handling

Full service capability for bulk cargo handling at ports, mines, power plants or other facilities. Stevedoring, unloading, heaping & loading operations handled with company's own fleet of equipment including forklifts, reach stackers, excavators, loaders & manpower at multiple locations.

At Navin Group, our Bulk Cargo Handling & Stevedoring service is a testament to our commitment to efficient and seamless management of diverse bulk commodities. We specialize in both Break Bulk and Bulk cargo handling, ensuring that your goods are managed with precision, safety, and expertise throughout the process.

Break Bulk Expertise:

Handling Steel Plates & Coils, TMT Bars, MDF Boards, and More:
In our Break Bulk division, we excel in the intricate handling of various commodities such as steel plates, coils, TMT bars, MDF boards, and a range of other goods. This demanding sector demands utmost precision, which we deliver through our specialized equipment and skilled workforce.

Specialized Equipment:
Our Break Bulk operations rely on specially designed spreaders, reach stackers, and high-capacity forklifts. This specialized equipment ensures that your valuable cargo is handled with care and efficiency, from port to warehouse.

Bulk Handling Expertise:

Specialized Equipment:
Bulk operations require advanced equipment for loading and unloading, and we deliver with high-capacity loaders, excavators, dumpers, hydraulic and remote-controlled grabs. These tools streamline the handling process, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Managing Fertilizers, Agro Commodities, Coal, Gypsum, Soda Ash, and More:
Our Bulk Handling division encompasses a wide array of loose bulk & dry bulk commodities including fertilizers, agro commodities, coal, gypsum, and soda ash. We take pride in managing the logistics intricacies of these bulk materials, at vessel side, yard side & for dispatch operations.

Why Choose Navin Group:

-  Comprehensive Solutions: Our services cover the entire spectrum of bulk cargo handling, from break bulk to diverse bulk commodities.
- Precision Equipment: Our specialized tools are tailor-made for each cargo type, ensuring accuracy and minimizing risks.
- Operational Excellence: Our seasoned experts optimize operations, resulting in reduced turnaround times and heightened productivity.
- Safety and Compliance: Stringent safety protocols are at the heart of our operations, safeguarding both cargo and personnel.
- Proven Success: Our track record speaks for itself, with successful transformations in diverse cargo handling scenarios.

Industries Served:

  • Ports
  • Large Manufacturing Units - Cement, Steel, MDF, Petrochemicals etc.
  • MMLPs, CFS, ICD & Large warehousing facilities.


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