CSR – Thinking Beyond Profit

thinking-beyond-profitAt NAVINGROUP, we believe that all business should think beyond profits and give equal importance to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community.

We invest a fix percentage of our profits in community initiatives through out trust “NAV-PRAKASH CHARITIES” & direct involvement.

Our focused area is Education & Health – Specially Pediatric Cancer & Renal Diseases.


educationIn education, we take out the burden of education cost of the under privileged by taking care of fees, books, etc. Every year around 1000 children are supported under this program. The children of our employees get special financial support for their education, thus helping them become an integral part of the country’s bright future.

We also have a scholarship program wherein we identify brilliant students and support them for further education. Students supported by us are settled as professionals and doctors not only in India but also across the globe. (testimonials of Janki & Bhavna Kadam to be attached here).


healthFor our health support schemes we have identified chronic diseases, which are like economic death to the under privileged, and support patients suffering from those ailments.

PAEDIATRIC CANCER : A child suffering from Paediatric Cancer would undergo long years of treatment and the parents would be economically burdened. We identify Paediatric Cancer patients who have a fairly good chance of full recovery and hold their hand for the entire duration of the treatment.

Children supported by us are living a healthy life and are now supporting their families.

RENAL DISEASES: Renal diseases are irreversible permanent ailment, which are expensive to treat. A person who goes on Dialysis is required to spend thousands of rupees every month and also spends 10 to 12 hours a day for the treatment which becomes a huge economic burden for under privileged and will become difficult for them to meet two ends. In our resolve to support renal disease, we have funded several dialysis centers to ensure very low cost dialysis. We, further, assist patients for kidney transplant and other medical needs.